Sedation Dentistry Services

Fearful of the Dentist? You’re not alone! We are skilled at going above and beyond to make you comfortable.

If you get anxious going to the dentist you are not alone! Many people have had not-so-pleasant experiences getting their teeth worked on when they were younger and they tend to carry it with them to each new visit. We do our best to make our scared patients feel comfortable.  We use a topical gel to numb for injections.  We inject slowly to minimize the sting of the medicine. We have clean blankets to make you feel more comfortable. We can give you as much or as little information as you need about the procedure.  And if you need to talk, take a break, or even if you need a little prayer, we are there for you!

If you need extra help with your anxiety we can give you some medicine to take before the procedure to take the edge off the stress.  We also offer nitrous oxide gas to help patients relax.  At your first appointment we can talk about the best plan for your individual needs.


Nitrous Oxide Sedation

This type of sedation is otherwise known as “laughing gas”. It is combined with oxygen through a mask that is placed over your nose to help you relax. Our dentists can control the amount of sedation you receive, and the gas will wear off quickly. With nitrous oxide, you will be able to drive yourself home after the procedure.


Oral Sedation

This type of sedation can range from minimal to moderate and is administered by pill. The pill is taken about an hour before the procedure and will make you drowsy, but awake. A larger dose may be given to achieve a deeper sedation, if needed. Oral Sedation is the most common method associated with sedation dentistry. Some patients can become sleepy enough from moderate oral sedation to fall asleep during dental procedures.
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