Emergency Dentistry Services

If after reading the information below you feel like you need professional advice, call 937-444-3311 and we can help.


Most people can take Tylenol for moderate pain control, but the source of the pain needs to be addressed. If over-the-counter pain medicine doesn’t take care of the pain over the weekend, call our emergency number.


If there is swelling or a blister near the tooth, an antibiotic may be appropriate.  Call our emergency number.  If the swelling starts to spread to other sites like the eye or neck, get to the ER immediately.

Temporary Crown — Lost, Broken, or Swallowed

Most temporary crowns can be re-cemented with a tiny amount of denture adhesive.  If  it is broken or swallowed it can wait until office hours unless there is pain, then please call the emergency message line. The temporary crown definitely needs replaced so the tooth doesn’t drift before the final crown is put on.


Broken Tooth or Lost Filling

If the tooth is experiencing moderate to severe pain due to a fracture or gap in the filling and over-the-counter pain medications are not helping, call our emergency message line.

Avulsed Tooth with Root

If the tooth has been knocked out by accident, rinse it off, put it back in the socket, and call the emergency number because time is of the essence.

Sensitivity — Hot & Cold

Sensitivity is generally not an emergency and can be remedied by switching to a sensitive toothpaste and a soft-bristled toothbrush. Also, you should avoid whitening or tarter control agents. If the condition persists, schedule an appointment with us.

Crown & Bridge — Broken/Lost

If porcelain breaks off, this is not an emergency. Please contact us to make an appointment for a re-cementing.
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